About Us

Wind N Solar Implement Solution is a project development company that provides services from the initial development phase to EPC to operation and maintenance.

The services we provide are:

1. Wind turbines and wind farm systems

2. PV solar systems and components

3. Energy Management System for companies (embedded micro grid)

4. Engineering and consultancy services preparing for renewable projects

5. New and preowned wind turbines adapted to conditions

6. Operation, service and maintenance

Our customers are mines, companies, farmers, municipalities, independent power producers (IPP) or investors, depending on the type of project or service required.

1. Wind turbines and wind farm systems

Wind & Solar Implement Solutions team has a strong track record with renewable projects in South Africa and abroad. This comprehensive experience is the foundation for our renewable energy projects.

Through years of experience we have developed competences within all levels of the renewable energy industry. Wind Repower develops, finance, construct and operate wind- and solar farms.

The wind farm projects can be based on pre-owned turbines from repowering projects in Europe. There are several good reasons to choose a preowned wind turbine, such as:

- the capex cost is approximately 2/3 of a new turbine’s capex

- the life-time of a project is min. 15 years

- the turbine has been running and has proved its stability

- refurbished turbines are as good as new

- available skilled technicians and spare parts world wide

From a business case perspective it makes good sense to invest in a refurbished preowned wind turbine. It equals a short pay-back time, high IRR, better equity-debt ratio in the project, and more.

The main reason for repowering projects are not  becauseof a failure in the wind turbine or that it is worn down. The decision is solely based on the subsidy regimes in Europe or the annual energy production/wind regime on the site. The wind turbines are all in good condition and has a minimum of 15 years more of power generation.

Projects are executed after a well-proven frame work, which has been developed based on a strong track record within renewable energy projects.

The renewable energy projects are based on a comprehensive development phase including a strong financial model for the project.

Wind & Solar Implement Solution develops, finance, construct and operate wind- and solar farms as a turn-key solution on request from our customers. The process is dependent on the size of the project.

2. PV Solar systems and components

Wind & Solar Implement Solution design and engineer PV Solar systems in all sizes, from a kW for residentual housing to MW scale.  For big scale projects we partner with international well known partners as well as with local South African partners.  Our customers are usually high end residential houses, factories, and muncipality systems. We normally  provide full EPC contracts.  But we can also supply the solar systems. We are independent and therefore not linked to specific equipment or solutions . However, we have plenty of experience with our products, and can answer almost any of your questions regarding the subject.

3. Energy Management System

Wind & Solar Implement Solution has developed a unique solution for companies that enables them to produce their own power at a lower cost than utility, and it also works in areas with limited access to power.

The Energy Management System is an embedded micro grid solution which integrates, monitors, and controls all energy sources at your facility. Combining this system with a renewable energy source (wind turbines, PV solar, hydro power, etc.) and an Energy Storage System (battery) creates a unique energy solution.

How does it work?

The power generated by the renewable energy source is used by the company. During periods where the generation of power is higher than the load; the batteries are charged and the excess power is exported to the grid. The excess power is either banked or sold to utility or another offtaker. In periods with a low production of renewable energy the lacking power is supplied by the utility or generator.

With the Energy Management System combined with a renewable energy sources, you’ll be producing your own power at low cost.


- Optimize the cost of energy by utilizing renewable power first

- Secure the supply of energy, especially in rural areas

- Stabilize and increase the quality of the power

- Produces power while grid is off, reducing power generated by diesel-generators

- Decrease the dependence of utilities and politics

A good investment*

- Short pay-back period of 5-6 years

- IRR of more than 25%

- Tax benefits

- Project life time 15 years

*These figures depend on tariffs, load profile, power supply setup etc.

This micro grid energy s ystem is applicable in South Africa and it’s supported by regulative framework.

Wind & Solar Implement Solution provides a turnkey solution, which includes project development, legal, permits, financing, construction, commissioning, and operation-service-maintenance.

For more information, or even a business case study, don’t hesitate to contact us.

4. Engineering and consultancy services preparing for renewable projects

We  provide single services for all types of renewable energy projects e.g. engineering, project management, economic studies, financing, legal, permit application etc.

Renewable energy projects are multidisciplinary projects and some of our single services are as following.


-Wind studies

-Grid studies and information, substation etc.

-Load profiles (Time of Use and consumption)

-Technical specification

-Electrical clarification, design, calculation and specification

-Mechanical clarification, design, calculation and specification

-Control clarification, design and specification

-Generator and operation clarification, design, calculation and specification

Solar studies

-Solar studies.

-Annual energy production

-Design and description of system

Project execution

-Project management/assistance

-Procurement or preparation hereof

-Application, permitsand approval authorities (EIA, Eskom, NERSA etc.)



-Optimized site layout based on wind and sun conditions.

-Managing environmental approvals

-Design and layout .

-Installation and commissioning

Wind studies and wind turbine selection

-Wind studies (speed, quality, direction etc.)

-Wind simulation

-Annual Energy production

-Optimal wind turbine model selection


-Financing of projects (equity or debt financing, grants if possible)

-Detailed cost benefit analysis

-NPV, IRR, Payback period

-Cash flow


Due diligence of wind and solar projects



5. New and preowned wind turbines adapted to conditions

Wind & Solar Implement Solution offer owners of land a variaty of options for finance models. Ownership, partownership leasing, lease the land, funding, and other models. 

First step is to contact us to discuss opportunities.

Wind & Solar Implement Solution is continually looking for new opportunities. Developing renewable projects for off takers opens for investors looking for RE projects in Africa.  Southern Africa is a fast expanding economy which continually is pushing for increased  energy demand. High interest rates and a 6 % inflation makes it a volatile market, where investments must be considered carefully. We believe the fast growing population and the expanding middle class will push RE investments well above similar investments. 

Wind & Solar Implement Solution has a pipeline of potential projects or sites in South Africa, both Wind and PV Solar sites.

Investment in renewable energy in South Africa is attractive due to different tax incentive regimes, increasing energy prices, CO2-quotes, regulated market etc. The attractiveness is both for domestic investors, as well as investors abroad.

Our focus is small-medium-large projects which are too small for the REIPPP projects (Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Programme, see www.eskom.co.za). The projects are based on private land owner, private investors, and private off-takers. Wind & Solar Implement Solution combines the different stakeholders and develop, finance, construct, and operate the renewable energy projects across Southern Africa.

For more information about South Africa:






Investment in wind farm projects as pure equity investment is an option we can offer. We have projects in our pipeline which are open for additional investors. Contact us for more information.

Based on our experience in the RE market in Southern Africa, we can advise and support you in investigating options for investments in the mentioned market.

6. Operation, Service & Maintenance

After the commissioning and hand over of the projects, Wind & Solar Implement Solution offer a complete operation and service package. Optimal operation and service is ensuring lower cost for maintenance and higher output of the plant. It also ensures general higher savings for the complete installations over 15 years. Wind & Solar Implement Solution ensures that the plant is operated correctly and that the service plan is followed according to specification from component suppliers and according to local requirements.

Operation typically done by monitoring the full automatic plant remotely or on site.  Each of the individual components are controlled by us, with a safety perspective. Overall the full installed energy plant is monitored and managed by the EMS system, aka. the energy management system. Central monitoring of the plant takes place from a remote office in ZA.

Service is prepared according to the service plan, agreed with the client, and fulfilled according to local legislations as well as the supplier’s requirements. Typically, there is 1 big and 1 small service per year.

The service is a pro active action, which prevent stop of the machinery in due time before critical impact takes place. Further it is the key to reduce risk of break downs and to prevent unsafe operation.

Our staff is fully educated in the technology and has the required certificates for working with turbines, PV Systems, etc.

Maintenance is required for all types of energy plants. Typically, renewable energy plants require less maintenance than fossil based plants. Furthermore, they are less exposed to critical break downs.

WSIS is working directly with the equipment suppliers, which ensures correct maintenance, and also helps reduce stop/ down time.

We have main and critical spare parts in stock or with short delivery time. We can usually get less exposed components within a week. A lot of the parts we get locally.

Depending on type of projects it can make sense to include a more complete insurance package. Contact us for more information, or if you have any questions.