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Wind N Solar Implement Solution PTY


Refurbish MW Wind Turbines

Wind N Solar Implement Solution offer owners of wind turbines the option to move their turbine to a new project in South Africa, where it will be part of a small to medium sized wind farm project as equity. Alternative, we offer the option of selling the wind turbine to one of our projects.

PV Solar Projects

Wind N Solar Implement Solutions team has a strong track record with renewable projects in South Africa and abroad. This comprehensive experience is the foundation for our renewable energy projects.

178 Projects excuted

Engineering Services

We a provide single services for all types of renewable energy projects e.g. engineering, project management, economic studies, financing, legal, permit application etc.

Renewable Energy Solution

Wind N Solar Implement Solution has developed an unique solution for companies, which enables them to produce their own power at a lower cost than utility.

Operation, Service & Maintanence

Wind N Solar Implement Solution offers a complete operation and service package. We ensure that the plant is operated correctly and that the service plan is followed according to specifications from component suppliers and according to local requirements.

Gasification Bio Energy

Mash Makers Gasification unit is developed in Denmark and India. Produced in Johannesburg South Africa. Wind N Solar partners with MashMakers for projects in Southern Africa, The gasifier converts wood chips into electricity. and charcoal. Sawmills and others with access to 1.5 Tons of woodchips per 24 hours, we like to talk to for a solution


We are happy to present relevant reference information matching your specific projects.

Either wind projects, solar projects, or energy storage.

For refurbished wind turbines, please call us as each case will require specialist engineering attention.

Please contact us if you would like references for Solar Projects or Renewable Energy.

PV Solar system is the solution to overcome load shedding. Power outage.


Wind N Solar Implement Solutions team of professionals cover a broad multidisciplinary experience in the renewable industry.

The team’s expertise with renewable energy projects (wind, PV solar, biomass etc.) starts from the initial development phase to finance to construction to the operation and maintenance of the generation unit. This combined with a hands-on approach to the projects, guarantees that the renewable projects meet the client’s requirements.

The team executes the projects with a tremendous attention to detail, in order to maximize the value for our clients.

Wind N Solar Implement Solution 

Phone: +27 76054 6986 

Email: klaus.roennow@windnsolar.net

CEO of Wind N Solar Implement Solution (Pty). South African Registered Company.

­12 years of experience from Vestas and Siemens. ­Executed a large number of wind projects and  PV solar projects. ­Holds a bankable PMA B certificate. ­Expertise from early state, Feasibility studies, WF development, EPC Implementation and Handover, O&M.