Micro Grid

Renewable energy PV Solar Power in Africa

Wind N Solar is focussing on Solar power projects from residents to 10 MW plus. Projects typical installed by private clients, whom to generate power mainly for own purpose.

What required to consider a wind turbine or a wind farm

  1. PV Solar can be installed in most places in Africa. The yield is higher and more steady than in european countries.
  2. Connection for export power
  3. Own use or export to the grid.

Solar or Wind

Is Solar a better or cheaper option than wind. This depends on the following.

  1. Location.
  2. How to use the power generated. Own use or export.
  3. Cost of project and O&M cost
  4. Typical a 1 MW Wind Turbine will produce 25 to 50% more power anually than a 1 MW PV solar system . ( Mainly due to not being limited to sun hours.) Location must be windy .

Small Solar Projects

Residents, offices, warehouses, and similar clients are typically looking for own use. Solar panels with inverter and batteries let them produce own power.

Medium PV Solar Power Projects

Up to 1 MW. Typical these are privately owned and power is produced partly for own use. The complexibility of balancing these projects requires a comprehensive feasibility study. Wind N Solar proposes to consider utilizing refurbished Wind Turbines due to lower cost, but also due to the sizing of the plant. In many cases, it is technically a better solution to use smaller turbines than one or two bigger turbines for a project. I.e 5 MW.

Big scale Wind Farms

Wind N Solar is not set up for its own development of big-scale Solar farms. We do have the necessary experience and expertise for supporting IPP Solar farms at all technical levels. You are welcome to contact us and we are happy to support and assist with your projects

General Solar Farms

Wind N solar Implement Solution is looking forward to supporting you in your decisions for powering your project.