Wind Solutions

Renewable energy from Wind Power in Africa

Some countries in Africa are well-positioned for wind power. But sufficient wind is however not the only requirement for considering a wind farm or a single wind turbine. Each project requires an engineering study evaluating a number of technical parameters and relate this to e-commercial output.

What required to consider a wind turbine or a wind farm

  1. Wind conditions
  2. Connection for export power
  3. Own use or export to the grid.
  4. Environmental and local requirements
  5. New or second hand refurbished wind turbines. ( Cost )
  6. Number of other important clarifications

Solar or Wind

Is Solar a better or cheaper option than wind. This depends on the following.

  1. Location.
  2. How to use the power generated. Own use or export.
  3. Cost of project and O&M cost
  4. Typical a 1 MW Wind Turbine will produce 25 to 50% more power annually than a 1 MW PV solar system . ( Mainly due to not being limited to sun hours.) The location must be windy.

Small Wind Projects

Smaller wind turbines up to 50 kW are typically installed in private households, farms, lodges, and similar.

The main benefit is that they can produce power around the clock and not limited to day time. They are often in combination with a solar system. Both Solar and Wind charge batteries. This way fewer batteries required. More independent of utility.

Medium Wind Power Projects

Up to 10 MW. Typical these are privately owned and power is produced partly for own use. The complexibility of balancing these projects requires a comprehensive feasibility study. Wind N Solar proposes to consider utilizing refurbished Wind Turbines due to lower cost, but also due to sizing of the plant. In many cases, it is technically a better solution to use smaller turbines than one or two bigger turbines for a project. I.e 5 MW.

Big scale Wind Farms

Wind N Solar is not set up for its own development of big-scale windfarms. We do have the necessary experience and expertise for supporting IPP wind farms at all technical levels. You are welcome to contact us and we are happy to support and assist with your projects

Refurbished Wind Turbines

A known European branded turbine, which has been in operation for 10 to 15 years can easily be moved and upgraded to operating another 15 years. It will be refurbished with some new parts and some refurbished parts. Look as new. Upgraded with a new control system fully compliant to the local grid codes.

The right turbine for the right location is essential. This requires detailed technical knowledge. After installation, the operation and maintenance including spare parts must be supported.

Dismantle and transport from the EU site to workshop to port are costly and together with the local transport and installation, these costs can be significantly higher than the turbine price itself.

The alternative to buying a cheaper new Chinese turbine can be considered technically and commercially. Until today we have not found serious suppliers, which got setup and quality in place.

General Wind

Wind N solar Implement Solution is looking forward to supporting you in your decisions for powering your project.

Wind Study and Wind Mast to evaluate exact wind conditions makes sense in bigger projects, where the commercial terms to be bankable.